Mechanisms 16th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting in Daegu, ROK 2014.04.28 ~ 2014.04.29
The 16th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM) was held in Daegu, the Republic of Korea (ROK) on 28-29 April, 2014. Minister YOON Seongkyu of the Ministry of Environment of the ROK, Vice Minister LI Ganjie of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and Minister ISHIHARA Nobuteru of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan attended the meeting. The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) attended this meeting as an observer for the first time.  

At the meeting, the three Ministers exchanged the recent progress in each country regarding major environmental policies, as well as their major policies to address global and regional environmental issues. The Ministers also reviewed the progress regarding the implementation of the Tripartite Joint Action Plan on Environmental Cooperation (2010-2014) and adopted nine new priority areas for tripartite environmental cooperation for the next five years from 2015 to 2019, including Air Quality Improvement, Biodiversity, Transboundary Movement of E-Waste, Climate Change Response, Rural Environmental Management and Transition to Green Economy, etc. 

At the press conference after the meeting, the three Ministers signed a Joint Communiqué and a ceremony of the Second TEMM Environment Awards was held as well. 

The 17th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting will be held in China in 2015. 


The Ministers attended the 16th TEMM

Deputy Secretary-General CHEN Feng attended the 16th TEMM