TC Activities TCS held the 1st Trilateral Teacher’s Exchange Program-Public Awareness of Environmental Protection 2017.08.10

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) successfully organized the 1st Trilateral Teacher’s Exchange Program (TTEP) - Public Awareness of Environmental Protection in Seoul, ROK from August 7 to 10, 2017. The TTEP aimed to contribute to raising public awareness of environmental protection among the ROK, China, and Japan with the theme of “Eco-friendly Smart Technology towards an Environmentally Sustainable Society”. SG Yang Houlan delivered an opening remark at the orientation.

In this 1st holding, 12 participants attended the program, consisting of 9 highly qualified middle school teachers and education experts who are experienced in the Environmental Education (EE), 3 government officials from the three countries. In addition, 4 journalists from the three countries participated in the different parts of the program. The program consisted of 1) eco-friendly site visits, to Nami Island and Seoul Energy Dream Center, 2) conversations with key stakeholders including experts from civil-social organization (Nami Island), government (Seoul Metropolitan Government), and private sector (LG Electronics), and 3) practice and knowledge sharing among the participants to further enhance the EE to students and general public. In addition, academia (the professor of Pusan National University) also participated and provided the view on eco urban planning.

After the 4-day program, the participants were provided a platform to share information and know-how about the EE enhancement via site visits and various dialogues. They were also given the chance to learn the commonality of issues and challenges among the three countries, the usage of existing natural resources as the EE tools, and the importance of education to raise the inclusive mindset for regional environmental issues across the countries. Journalists from the Korea Times and Dong-a Ilbo covered this program as well.

This program was initiated to promote the public awareness project tasked by the three environment ministries, and was agreed and supported by all three parties As the international organization mandated to promote cooperative relations among ROK, China, and Japan, the TCS will continue its efforts to facilitate mutual understanding between three countries and contribute to raise public awareness on environmental protection upon the peace and co-prosperity among the three countries. 

Group picture with SG YANG Houlan 

Self-making Solar Panel Car at Nami Island Eco-School 

Mapo Waste Recycling Plant 

Conversations with Experts 

Final Day Sub-group Activity and Group Discussion 

End-of-program Group Picture