Promoting peace and co-prosperity among
China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
EVENT 7th Trilateral Campus Harmony – 2017.10.13 (Entry Deadline) 2017.09.26


Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and Korea-China Friendship Association (KCFA) invite you to the 7th Trilateral Campus Harmony, the UCC presentation contest in which Chinese, Japanese, and Korean university students create one team to make and present UCCs (User Created Contents) on trilateral relations. We look forward to your interesting and brilliant ideas to promote positive trilateral relations conveyed in UCCs.


1. Event Title: 7th Trilateral Campus Harmony (UCC Contest)

※ Final Round: Nov 16 (Thu), 2017/ Kyonghee University

2. Theme: Any Topics related to ‘China, Japan, and Korea that We Experience, Desire, and Create’

3. Eligibility: 1 team composed of more than three people, which must include 3 students each from China, Japan, and the ROK who are currently studying in the universities in the ROK

※ Exchange students from China and Japan are also eligible to apply.

4. Contest Timeline

1) Submission of Application: Sep 25 (Mon) ~Oct 13 (Fri) via email (refer to Notice)

2) Submission of UCC and 1-Page Description: Oct 16 (Mon) ~ Nov 3 (Fri) via email (refer to Notice)

3) Announcement of the Results for Initial Screening: Nov 10 (Fri) @ TCS and KCFA Websites

4) Final Round: 2pm~5pm, Nov 16 (Thu) @ Kyonghee University Seoul Campus Cheongwoon Bldg. B117


※ This Contest is aimed at Chinese, Japanese, and Korean university students residing in the ROK and the participants are suggested to use Korean language for UCC making and presentation. For the further details of the 7th Contest (for the submission of application & UCC, inquiries, etc.), please refer to the attached “Notice” (in Korean). 


1. 7th Trilateral Campus Harmony Notice (Korean)

2. Application Form (Korean)