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EVENT Call for Bids on Trilateral Statistics on Public Opinion 2017 (~2017.08.30) (Closed) 2017.08.24

TCS calls for bids on its new brand project, Trilateral Statistics on Public Opinion (TSPO) 2017.

TCS warmly welcomes your project proposal on TSPO.

August 24, 2017 





Trilateral Statistics on Public Opinion 2017

: C-J-K Public Opinion Survey

Project timeline

Within 12 months from the contract

Scope of the Task

- Consultation on the questionnaire designing

- CATI Programming

- Overall management of fieldworks in China, Japan, and ROK

- Data Processing

- Consultation on outcome report drafting

Survey Methodology

- The survey will adopt the unified standard and methodology on China, Japan and ROK.

- Sample quantity should be at least 1000 samples in CJK respectively.

- Samples will be approached through telephone interview.

- Coverage will be adults above age 19

Survey Theme

- The questionnaire will be composed between 15 to 20 questions including following sections

 a. Mutual perception & country image

b. View of China-Japan-Korea relation

c. Prospect of the trilateral cooperation

(future direction / key areas / expectations / obstacles)

d. Public views on certain events

Deadline for bids

- Opening: August 24, 2017

- Deadline: August 30, 2017

Necessary Documents

- Project Proposal

- Budget Plan

*Please submit the soft copy through following e-mail address


Public Relations Officer, Mr. KIM Yongjae, 02-733-4700