TC Activities “交流 ” selected as the CJK Spirit Word of the Year 2024 2024.01.01
January 1, 2024 — The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) announced the selection of the Chinese character "交流(jiāoliú, こうりゅう,교류)," symbolizing "exchange/communication," as the CJK Spirit Word of the Year for 2024.. This announcement marks the beginning of a series of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of Trilateral Cooperation, underscoring the spirit of collaboration among China, Japan, and the ROK. 

From November 15 to December 20, the TCS engaged citizens from the three nations to participate in the selection process by voting for one Chinese character out of the 12 candidates. With the participation of general public and the support of relevant organizations and stakeholders from the three countries, the voting campaign garnered an impressive response of over 10,000 votes received, a tenfold increase from last year. Participants not only cast their votes but also shared personal stories and experiences related to trilateral cooperation. 

Amongst the candidate words, "交流 exchange" gathered the most votes out of a total of 10,063 votes. Runners-up included "友好 kindness/friendship" and "尊重 respect". These words fully represent the aspirations of the people of the three countries for trilateral cooperation. "交流" signifies that through comprehensive exchanges, trilateral cooperation will be further advanced. 

Expressing anticipation for the year ahead, LEE Hee-sup, Secretary General of TCS, shared his insights on the chosen word, "during the three years of the pandemic with limited opportunities for people-to-people exchange, going through the post-pandemic, the three countries need to revitalize the exchanges as before, and promote trilateral cooperation and exchanges. The year 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of Trilateral Cooperation, I hope the word '交流' will provide momentum, bolster exchanges, and mutual understanding among us." 

Now in its second year, the CJK Spirit Word of the Year campaign aims to promote interaction and cultural exchange among citizens of the three countries, which share the common Chinese characters. Last year's winner was "和合", meaning "harmony."