Mechanisms Trilateral Senior Officials’ Meeting 2023.09.26
On September 26, 2023, the Trilateral Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) was held in Seoul, ROK. The meeting was presided by Mr. CHUNG Byung-won, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the ROK, with the participation of Mr. FUNAKOSHI Takehiro, Senior Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Mr. NONG Rong, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of China. TCS Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup also participated in the meeting. 

During the meeting, the three senior officials reaffirmed the commitment of the three governments to revitalize trilateral cooperation and discussed the timeline of the upcoming Foreign Ministers’ Meeting as well as the Trilateral Summit. The three sides also had in-depth discussions on the deliverables of these meetings and agreed to continue close communication for preparation. 

SG LEE Hee-sup appreciated the concerted efforts of the Ministries to revitalize and normalize trilateral cooperation and expressed gratitude for their continuous support for the TCS. SG LEE briefed to the senior officials on the current status of trilateral cooperation and provided suggestions related to the TCS in preparation for the Trilateral Summit.

Link to press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ROK regarding the trilateral senior officials' meeting >>