Others TCS Consultative Board paid a Courtesy Call on Foreign Minister PARK Jin 2023.09.15
On September 15, TCS Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup, Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji and Deputy Secretary-General YAN Liang (collectively as the 7th “Consultative Board”) paid a courtesy call on the Republic of Korea Foreign Minister PARK Jin. 

Minister PARK congratulated the 7th Board’s assumption of the office and acknowledged the significance of the TCS’ role in promoting peace and prosperity in the region. Underlining the TCS’ efforts, he emphasized that the people-to-people exchange in various fields is crucial, especially for the youth, to understand each other’s culture and instill mutual respect. Minister PARK also added that the ROK government, as the chair of the Trilateral Summit, has been making joint efforts with the Chinese and Japanese governments to organize the Trilateral Summit within this year. He expressed his continued support to TCS as the Foreign Minister, and noted with expectation that the TCS would further develop under the new leadership. 

SG LEE extended his gratitude to Minister PARK’s warm welcome and the ROK government’s long-lasting support for trilateral cooperation and TCS despite various challenges. He reassured the TCS’ commitment to promote trilateral cooperation as well as the Trilateral Summit. DSG ZUSHI and DSG YAN also expressed their expectations of continuing to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and asked for more advice from the Minister on trilateral cooperation. 

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