TC Activities 2nd Korean Culture Cities of East Asia Network Event 2023.08.31 ~ 2023.09.01
Following the 1st Korean Culture Cities of East Asia Network in May 2023 Gwangju, the 2nd round of network was held in Cheongju from August 31st to September 1st, 2023, to explore ways to revitalize exchanges and foster stronger networks among the previous Korean CCEA cities. Representatives from previous CCEAs: Gwangju (2014), Jeju (2016), Busan (2018), Gyeongju (2022), and Jeonju (2023) participated in this event. Moreover, representatives from ROK’s 2024 CCEA nominated city Gimhae also participated to receive suggestions for diverse CCEA projects during their implementation year. The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS), as a relevant stakeholder for the CCEA project has also been invited. 

During the networking seminar, participants shared practical challenges of the current CCEA project and debated on diverse ways to overcome such limitations. TCS introduced the CCEA Media and Internet Celebrity Tour which could remedy some of the challenges addressed during the seminar. The event was a great opportunity for TCS delegates to deepen the relationship with the local government officials, hear about the challenges, and discuss the ways to further promote regional cooperation. 

▲Networking Seminar 

▲Group Photo of delegations from the CCEA cities