Others TCS Signed MOU with Incheon National University 2022.12.15
On December 15, the TCS delegation led by Secretary-General OU Boqian visited Incheon National University (INU) in Songdo, Incheon, and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the TCS Internship Program with INU. 

At the MOU signing ceremony, President PARK Jong-tae welcomed SG OU to visit INU for the MOU signing ceremony and expressed his appreciation for the support and generosity of SG OU in allowing young students to work with the TCS, a highly valued international organization. He expected that INU students would better understand the roles and functions of the TCS by doing an internship with the TCS and promised that INU would recommend brilliant and excellent students who are interested in working with the TCS and could show outstanding performance. He also emphasized that INU stands ready to work with the TCS for further cooperation including joint research and programs. 

SG OU thanked INU for its decision to join TCS's new project, the TCS Internship Program. SG OU expressed her expectation that this MOU would allow both TCS and INU to make full use of our best resources, the youth, and to explore new ways of promoting trilateral cooperation to students at INU. SG OU also shared with INU detailed information on the series of TCS-organized upcoming youth programs including the launch of Trilateral Youth Exchange Network (TYEN), the Trilateral Youth Month, the Trilateral Youth Speech Contest and the Young Ambassador Program, and asked INU to promote these events to their students and encourage them to participate in the events. 

After the MOU signing ceremony, the TCS delivered a presentation to the students of INU introducing the TCS as well as its upcoming youth programs such as the Young Ambassador Program, the Trilateral Youth Speech Contest, and the TCS Internship Program. 

▲MOU Signing Ceremony between the TCS and INU 

▲Group Photo