TC Activities 1st Trilateral Youth Speech Contest – Shared Culture, Shared Values, Common Challenges among China, Japan, and Korea 2022.02.26

The TCS held the 1st Trilateral Youth Speech Contest on February 26th, 2022, under the theme “Shared Culture, Shared Values and Common Challenges among China, Japan, and Korea”. The Speech Contest is a new project organized by the TCS with the aim of generating positive perceptions among the youth of the three countries, by shedding light on the common cultural assets of Northeast Asia. The contest also encourages the acquisition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean to promote smoother communication among the people of the three countries.


The Speech Contest consisted of two categories, “C.J.K Specialist” and “CJK Challenger”. The C.J.K specialists delivered their speech in 1 foreign language among Chinese, Japanese and Korean, while CJK Challengers used all three languages in one speech. 6 C.J.K Specialists and 6 CJK Challengers were selected as the finalists among more than 100 applicants. 


The finalists have shared innovative ideas for Trilateral Cooperation through topics such as food, Olympics, ghosts, music, recycling, New Year’s, Internet media, prayers, environment, and human exchange. The winners of each category were selected by the judges including 3 TCS directors, 3 professors from Foreign Language Universities, and 3 media reporters and editors. 


The speeches were followed by a Youth Session introducing an overview of all youth related initiatives led by the TCS. 3 participants of the Young Ambassador Program which was organized until the day before were invited as panelists to share their team project outcomes, thoughts on the commonality and differences among the three countries, and the role of the youth for promoting Trilateral Cooperation.



▲Group photo


 ▲Onsite group photo