TC Activities The Culture City of East Asia (CCEA) 2021 Suncheon Opening Ceremony 2021.05.14
The Culture City of East Asia (CCEA) 2021 Suncheon Opening Ceremony was held on May 14, 2021, at the Suncheon Bay National Garden. The Opening Ceremony, hosted by Suncheon City and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the ROK, was attended by participants from the Public Information and Cultural Center of Embassy of Japan in Korea, ROK CCEAs, sister-cities of Suncheon City, and local arts and culture organizations. Dunhuang and Shaoxing of China and Kitakyushu of Japan participated online. 

At the Opening Ceremony, Suncheon City delivered a message under the city’s theme of the Culture City of East Asia, “Suncheon Bay Embraces East Asia,” addressing that the energy of culture could heal and regenerate us during the age of corona. Variety of events such as cultural and art performances and media art performances (media art shows) were held on a floating water stage to commemorate the Opening Ceremony. 

Since 2014, China, Japan, and the ROK have each designated one city as CCEA and have engaged in trilateral cultural exchanges every year following the agreement made at the 4th Trilateral Culture Ministers' Meeting (TCMM) in 2012. In 2021, Suncheon of the ROK, Dunhuang and Shaoxing of China, and Kitakyushu of Japan were designated CCEAs. Suncheon, which was previously selected as CCEA in 2020, carried out the CCEA project in 2021 due to situations surrounding COVID-19. With the start of the Opening Ceremony, Suncheon plans to engage in various cultural exchanges with Dunhuang and Shaoxing of China and Kitakyushu of Japan. 

▲ Welcoming remarks by HEO Seok, Mayor of Suncheon, ROK 

▲ Congratulatory remarks by KITAHASHI Kenji, Mayor of Kitakyushu, Japan 

▲ Congratulatory remarks by ZHU Jianjun, Mayor of Dunhuang, China 

▲ Congratulatory remarks by SHENG Yuechun, Mayor of Shaoxing, China 

▲ Media art performance at Suncheon Bay National Garden’s floating water stage 

▲ Cultural and art performance on a floating water stage