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Others TCS Has Published the Research Report ‘China-Japan-Korea Local City Exchange 2020’ 2020.08.28
The TCS has published the Research Report ‘China-Japan-Korea Local City Exchange 2020’ on August 28, 2020. This report is a unique source of comprehensive information and updates about trilateral local-level exchanges among China, Japan and the ROK. The report introduces 20 sets of city exchange groups, 5 key mechanisms/events and 55 cities involved in the exchanges. It aims to provide relevant stakeholders with updates on the examples, approaches and recent progress of CJK local-level exchange programs. The report is published in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English and available for download on the TCS official homepage. 

Meanwhile, the TCS also launched the ‘CJK Local City Exchange’ webpage on its official homepage in June 2020. The webpage is based on the research outcomes updated this year, and is also available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English. On the webpage, users can easily search the participating cities and their exchange programs by country, local government, and area of exchange.