Seminar & Forum Webinar on CJK Smart Cities 2020.08.05

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat hosted the 'Online Seminar on CJK Smart Cites' jointly with World Smart and Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) on August 5 2020. From the TCS, Secretary General Hisashi Michigami and Deputy Secretary General Doho Kang participated in the webinar. 

This webinar is the first step toward trilateral cooperation in smart cities, inviting smart city experts from capitals (Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul), associations and IT companies of the three countries. 

Smart cities are commonly highlighted by the three countries in various fields such as public transportation, welfare, environment, disaster management, and urban revitalization leading to upgrading quality of life of the people by utilizing information technology. In this regard, trilateral cooperation on smart cities is aligned with the 'Trilateral Cooperation Vision for the Next Decade' which was adopted by the three countries at the 8th Trilateral Summit held on 2019. 

The webinar included three sessions. 

Firstly, three smart city organizations, Chine Center for Urban Development (CCUD), Smart City Institute Japan (SCI-J), and Smart City Association of Korea (SCA), introduced their organizations and shared their ideas for trilateral cooperation including networking, joint events and projects. 

And at the second session, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul shared their own policies, practices and ongoing projects such as Beijing's big-data and 5G oriented smart city plan, Tokyo's digitalization strategy for ageing society and Seoul's smart city platform based on citizen engagement. 

The panel discussion was made in the last session among Alibaba, NEC and Samsung SDS and they introduced their innovative services for realizing smart city and exchanges their views on future cooperation. 

Around 400 CJK stakeholders participated in the webinar and many stressed the importance of trilateral cooperative platform, taking this webinar as a positive chance to promote networking, information-sharing and larger business opportunities. 

At the opening remarks, TCS Secretary General Hisashi Michigami said, "this webinar is the first place where the stakeholders in Smart Cities including local governments, associations, and private companies gathered and shared their ideas and views on cooperation. I hope this webinar could provide a chance to develop trilateral cooperation in the smart city area." 

Based on this webinar, the TCS plans to launch the 'CJK Smart City Forum (tentative)' which will be the foundation for trilateral smart city cooperation. The TCS will continue to closely consult with SCI-J and other relevant organizations to hold the forum in Japan in early 2021.