Seminar & Forum Webinar “Managing COVID-19 Pandemic - Experiences & Best Practices of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea" 2020.07.02

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) jointly hosted a webinar “Managing COVID-19 Pandemic - Experiences & Best Practices of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea" on July 2, 2020, with the United Nations Economic and Social Commissions for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) East and North-East Asia Office.

The Webinar brought together leading experts from China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK), who are working in the frontline of COVID-19 response in each country to share best practice and experience accumulated in curbing and preventing the spread of virus. Regional Director of WHO Regional Office for Western Pacific (WHO-WPRO) also attended the meeting as a special guest.

During the webinar, at the presentation session facilitated by Director BAASANJAV Ganbold of UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office, experts shared different approaches and countermeasures in dealing with COVID-19 pandemic depending on each national circumstance. Dr. WU Zunyou focused on the measures of caring and isolating patients and close contacts to address sudden surge of infection cases in China. Dr. OSHITANI Hitoshi mainly introduced Japan’s cluster-based approach to suppress the virus as well as social distancing policies called “Three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings)”. Dr. LEE Hyukmin featured implementation and expansion of capacity for COVID-19 diagnostic testing in the ROK and the establishment of diagnostic laboratory network. At the discussion and Q&A session facilitated by moderator TCS Secretary-General MICHIGAMI Hisashi, experts had lively and constructive discussion surrounding the countermeasures in response to COVID-19 in developing countries, “Factor X” in East Asia, COVID-19 vaccine and second wave, etc.


The webinar was initiated with the voices from countries around the world, seeking to learn from the experiences of China, Japan and the ROK in response to COVID-19. Drawing high attention, the webinar received over 2,000 registrations from more than 70 countries, and the number of viewers has surpassed 4,800 in total so far.

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▲Opening Remarks by Secretary-General MICHIGAMI Hisashi of the TCS and Director BAASANJAV Ganbold of UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office

▲Discussion and Q&A Session among experts

▲Presentation by Special Guest Dr. KASAI Takeshi, Regional Director of WHO- WPRO