Mechanisms 3rd Trilateral Ministerial Meeting on Water Resources and Expert Dialogue 2018.03.19


 <DSG YAMAMOTO presenting the Joint Statement>





 <Expert Dialogue>


On 19 March 2018, the 3rd Ministerial Meeting on Water Resources was held in Brasilia, Brazil on the occasion of the 8th World Water Forum. Mr. AKIMOTO Masatoshi, the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, Mr. ZHOU Xuewen, Vice-Minister of Water Resources of China, and Mr. SON Byeong Seok, Vice-Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the ROK presented each country’s domestic and international efforts to achieve water-related Sustainable Development Goals and discussed measures to promote trilateral cooperation in the water sector. 


TCS delegation headed by Deputy Secretary-General YAMAMOTO Yasushi attended the meeting, and DSG YAMAMOTO introduced the contents of the Joint Statement. The adopted Joint Statement reaffirms the three parties’ commitment to strengthen trilateral cooperation to enhance water security around the globe and encourages the TCS to continue to act as a hub for water cooperation among the three countries. 


Following the Ministerial Meeting, TCS organised an Expert Dialogue on water resources. Best practices of each country were shared, and the meeting served as a first step to promote further information exchange among relevant stakeholders towards the common goal of achieving the SDGs. 


The Ministerial Meeting on Water Resources is a triennial meeting held since 2012. TCS will continue to facilitate cooperative projects with the ministries.