Others The Committee of Permanent Representatives of ASEAN Delegation Visited the TCS 2012.07.23

On July 23 2012, members of the ASEAN Committee of Permanent Representatives headed by Amb. Kan Pharidh, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Cambodia to ASEAN, along with Amb. Nyan Lynn, Deputy Secretary for Political Security Community of the ASEAN Secretariat visited the TCS during their trip to Seoul organized by the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. After a brief introduction of the TCS, Amb. Shin Bong-kil, Secretary-General of the TCS and the CPR delegation held candid discussions on various issues such as future direction of East Asian cooperation and ASEAN’s perspectives on trilateral cooperation. Both sides agreed on the need for strengthening the partnership between ASEAN and the three countries and enhancing inter Secretariat dialogue and collaboration in the future.

 The ASEAN Committee of Permanent Representatives consists of 10 Permanent Representatives of the ASEAN Member States, with the rank of Ambassador, and is based in Jakarta.