Promoting peace and co-prosperity among
China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
EVENT 2017 Trilateral Youth Summit (~2017.09.08) (Closed) 2017.09.05

2017 Trilateral Youth Summit



China is planning to host the “2017 Trilateral Youth Summit”(TYS), following 2015 TYS in ROK and 2016 TYS in Japan. The Summit aims at creating a platform for young leaders from the Japan, ROK and China with new vision and perspectives, promoting better understanding and friendship, and deepening and expanding trilateral cooperation in the region.


1. Contents

1) Organized by China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU)

  Supported by Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS), and Council for the Promotion of International Trade of Jilin Province


2) Duration: 25th– 30th September 2017

  Venue: Beijing and Changchun, China


3) Selection of the participants:


Each country will select 10 university students (including graduate students) to participate in the 2017 TYS.

TCS will also provide supports for participants’ selection.


4) Events: This 6-day program consists of seminars, discussions, field trips, sightseeing and presentations, bringing together selected participants from China, Japan and ROK to share their insights on trilateral security, economic and cultural cooperation. Participants will make policy recommendations to three countries at the end of the program.


2. Themes

‘Towards economic integration in Northeast Asia’ with three sub-topics:

1) How to improve trilateral political and security trusts to consolidate the bases of regional economic integration;

2) How to accelerate trilateral FTA negotiation to advance regional economic integration in Northeast Asia;

3) How to strengthen trilateral people-to=people exchanges to promote regional economic integration process.


3. Program

1) Each country selects 10 qualified university students and appoints one of them as the country leader. Each team may have one supervisor /teacher to make sure the security of students.

2) 30 students will be separated into 5 groups and each of them should actively engage in the discussions on all the three themes. Each group should present three reports on three topics within the required time to the three country leaders under discussions. The leaders finally polish, complete and readout the joint report in the simulation summit together on the basis of consultation.

3) The organizer will provide opportunities for participants to tour around Changchun and Beijing.

4) A WECHAT group will be created and notices and pictures would be put on it for contact. 


4. Arrangements

9/25 Mon

All day

Arrival and registration



9/26 Tue


Opening Ceremony

Icebreaking and Grouping

City tour



9/27 Wed


Visiting Changchun Railway Vehicles Corporation Limited


Flight to Beijing

9/28 Thu

All day

Group Discussions


9/29 Fri


Simulation Summit and Closing Ceremony


Visiting the Great Wall

9/30 Sat


Visiting the Palace Museum




5. Hospitality

Airfares (international round-trip and domestic transportation from Changchun to Beijing), accommodations and local activities of the students will be covered by the host. The host will also provide meals to the supervisors/teachers for the duration of the summit.


6. Application Method

For more information, please visit the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.