Seminar & Forum Secretary-General OU Boqian Attended the 2nd RCEP Media and Think Tank Forum 2022.05.29
On May 29, 2022, TCS Secretary-General OU Boqian attended the 2nd RCEP Media and Think Tank Forum online and delivered remarks. Media and think tank representatives from RCEP countries participated in the Forum and shared insights of promoting cooperation in the framework of RCEP. 

In her remarks, SG OU confirmed the benefits that RCEP has brought to the member countries and businesses after it came into effect at the beginning of 2022. RCEP has played an important role in promoting economic recovery and stabilizing regional economy. 

SG OU noted some residual challenges as well as new changes in the region. For instance, ongoing pandemic and new virus variant has kept disrupting global supply chain and caused inevitable restructure of supply chain system. SG OU believed that East Asian region has the most robust production factors including technology, capital, labor, and resources, etc. The region has exceptional advantages in supply chain system and it is important that the member states fully utilize RCEP to recover, consolidate, and optimize supply chain system especially in the post COVID era. She indicated that member countries have comparative industrial advantages and should promote the flow of trade, service, capital, labor, resources, etc. so that the regional economy will be more inclusive and resilient. 

SG OU indicated that RCEP is important for China, Japan, and the ROK as it provides the first trade agreements between China and Japan, and Japan and the ROK. The three countries had already enjoyed close trade relationship before RCEP and will be able to expand trade and investment in this new framework. She also hopes the three countries accumulate free trade experience and achieve CJK FTA in time. 

SG OU introduced to the guests that TCS has been promoting trilateral and regional economic cooperation since inception. Our work includes participating in economic and trade mechanism meetings and conducting follow up projects, holding independent activity such as TEF to promote business exchanges, and hosting trilateral and RCEP expert meeting to discuss regional economic cooperation. The IFTC 2022 on June 14 will also discuss about how new economy contribute to regional economic growth and cooperation. 

Finally SG underlined the critical role that media and think tanks play in advocating cooperation in the framework of RCEP and expressed TCS would stand closely with all stakeholders in supporting the endeavor. 

The Forum was held by China Institute of Reform and Development, China Daily, Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs and other. 

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▲SG OU Delivering Remarks at the Forum