Mechanisms 21st TRIPO Heads Meeting 2021.11.30
On November 30, 2021, the 21st TRIPO Heads Meeting was held among the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), Japan Patent Office (JPO), and Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Mr. SHEN Changyu, Commissioner of CNIPA, Mr. MORI Kiyoshi, Commissioner of JPO, and Mr. KIM Yongsun, Vice Commissioner of KIPO led delegations to attend the meeting. TCS Secretary-General OU Boqian attended the meeting and delivered remarks. 

At the meeting, the three Offices reported respectively on the current status of their national IP systems, and reviewed the latest TRIPO cooperation activities in the areas of trademark and design, trial and appeal, human resources, and IP societies. The three Offices also discussed plan for future trilateral IP cooperation. 

SG OU appreciated the three IP Offices’ efforts in keeping trilateral IP cooperation despite the challenges brought by COVID-19. Noted about the RCEP becoming effective in January 2022, and innovative technologies being a big part of people’s daily life, SG OU stated that IPR will be more critical in encouraging innovation, increasing healthy business environment, protecting consumer rights, and stimulating economic and social development. She wished a strengthened cooperation among the three IP Offices. 

SG OU introduced TCS contributions to trilateral mechanisms. Recognizing the increasing significance of IPR and IP cooperation, SG OU proposed that TCS can support the three Offices to promote public awareness of IPR by leveraging TCS’ expertise in research and data compilation, publishing, and public symposium organization. Moreover, TCS strives to provide the most convenient and credible data platform for the three countries by building “Trilateral Statistics Hub”. She welcomed inputs and wished to receive support from the three parties on this endeavor of TCS. 

The 9th TRIPO User Symposium was held prior to the Heads meeting through virtual format. Both the Heads Meeting and User Symposium were hosted by CNIPA this year. The next TRIPO Heads Meeting and User Symposium will be hosted by JPO. 

▲Group Picture 

▲SG OU speaks at the 21st TRIPO Heads Meeting