Promoting peace and co-prosperity among
China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
Others TCS Board Had a Meeting with Chancellor of Korea Diplomatic Academy (KNDA) 2020.07.10


The TCS board members (SG MICHIGAMI Hisahi, DSG CAO Jing, DSG KANG Do-ho) had a meeting with Chancellor of Korea Diplomatic Academy (KNDA) KIM Joon-hyung and exchanged views on the ways to enhance mutual cooperation.

During the meeting, SG MICHIGAMI spoke highly of the close cooperation between the TCS and KNDA and expressed his expectation for KNDA's chairmanship for this year’s NTCT* National Focal Points Meeting and the relevant activities. In addition, he introduced the TCS' recent projects and activities including publication, research project, and the webinar on experiences and best practices of the three countries’ responses to COVID-19 pandemic. 
(* Network of Trilateral Cooperation Think Tanks)

Chancellor Kim underlined the importance of the TCS’ roles in promoting trilateral cooperation, noting with anticipation that the TCS will serve not only as a reflection or results of the three countries ’ relations but also work as a drive r to actively move cooperation forward. He expressed his support for the newly launched program between the TCS and NTCT called “Young Professionals Research Group", commenting that it is a very useful and important program for young scholars. He also underscored the importance of exploring timely agenda items such as cooperation on human security.

▲Meeting between the TCS Board and KNDA Chancellor

▲Group Photo (From left, DSG CAO Jing, SG MICHIGAMI Hisashi, Chancellor KIM Jun-hyung, DSG KANG Do-ho)