Seminar & Forum 10th Northeast Asian Cooperation International Symposium 2018.12.04


The 10th Northeast Asian Cooperation International Symposium was held in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China, on December 4. The TCS co-hosted the Symposium with the renowned academic institutes of three countries, namely, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Keio Institute of East Asian Studies (KIEAS) at Keio University, and Dongseo University. The TCS Secretary-General Lee Jong-heon participated in the Symposium and emphasized the strategic importance of trilateral cooperation in the current changing regional order in his congratulatory and keynote address. Deputy Secretary-General Yamamoto Yasushi also participated and presided over the session on “CJK+X and Exploration for the New Model for Regional Cooperation.”  


The 10th Symposium this year was held under the title of 'Cooperation in Northeast Asia: New Challenges, New Models, New Ideas.' As the title shows, participants discussed how the three countries can seek new ways and models of cooperation in various areas, including politics, economy, culture, and academia, against the backdrop of the recent and ongoing changes in the region, especially surrounding the Korean Peninsula. There was also a heated debate on how to assess and forecast the new relations and strategies in the region, including the U.S. role in Asia, U.S.-China race for global hegemony, the role of each country in denuclearization and peace settlement on the Korean Peninsula, Belt and Road Initiative, Indo-Pacific Strategy and TPP.


The next symposium will be held in Japan, in 2019.



▲SG’s keynote Speech


▲Symposium at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


▲Session 3 Moderated by DSG Yamamoto


▲Group Photo