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TCS | TCS participated in the 12th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity – 2017.06.01-02


The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) delegation, headed by Secretary-General YANG Houlan, participated in the 12th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity held at the Jeju International Convention Centre on May 31-June 3. TCS organized two sessions on June 2nd.

During the first TCS session titled “Building Bridges of Mutual Understanding through Trilateral Youth Exchanges”, experts from the three countries gathered to discuss the importance of youth exchanges in enhancing mutual understanding and fostering friendly relations. SG YANG delivered opening remarks and highlighted the significance of trilateral cooperation among China, Japan, and the ROK, especially among the young generation. The session was participated by Dr. CHUNG Ku-chong, Chairman of Korea-Japan-China Cultural Exchange Forum and Professor Emeritus of Dongseo University, Dr. GUO Dingping, Professor of Political Science of Fudan University, Mr. ONO Tamotsu, Director of Children’s Dream Fund Department of National Institution for Youth Education of Japan, and Mr. CHOUNG Jin-hoan, President of Hope to the Future Generation. The panelists shared best practices of trilateral youth exchanges, including the CAMPUS Asia program, Children’s Story Exchange, Trilateral Youth Diplomatic Camp, and the Trilateral Cooperation Youth Forum. They also discussed measures to further expand and improve youth exchange programs to better accommodate the needs of the youth. The session concluded with TCS Deputy Secretary-General LEE Jong-heon’s closing remarks underlining the importance of cultivating the future generation of trilateral cooperation towards building trust and promoting mutual understanding among the three countries. 

The second session, “Industry 4.0 in China, Japan and ROK, a Leading Regional Cooperation in the Globalized World”, introduced China’s Manufacturing 2025, Japan’s Society 5.0, and ROK’s Smart Factory for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The speakers of this session were Ms. CHENG Nan, Vice Director of the Planning Research Institute of China Center for Information Industry Development, Mr. MANAGI Shunsuke, Distinguished Professor & Director of the Urban Institute at Kyushu University, and Mr. KANG Hakju, CEO of UlalaLAB, Inc. In addition, Mr. KIM Jeong-Gon, Research Fellow of the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), also joined the session as a discussant. The session was moderated by Mr. UMEZAWA Akima, TCS Deputy Secretary-General. On the possible trilateral cooperation on industry 4.0, the participants suggested the need of further cooperation on lifelong education using new systems other than traditional university system; on the establishment of compatible rules, regulations, technologies and ecosystem of the digital economy; and on further cooperation on defining each country’s different comparative advantages rather than the competition.   

TCS also participated in the Session “Free Economic Zone Roundtable: Cooperation of Growth Center among Korea, China and Japan” organized by the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority on June 1st, 2017. Ms. JANG Eun-young, TCS Director of Economic Affairs introduced the history of TCS and its activities on economic affairs such as trilateral cooperation for improvement of supply chain connectivity and the trilateral joint study ‘Trilateral Cooperation on E-Commerce’, as a panelist.  

 During the Forum period, TCS ran a promotion booth with exhibition on trilateral cooperation and introduction of the TCS activities. 

bd2bf6818389bf7e1ced9ec072718a56_1496818Youth Exchange Session

bd2bf6818389bf7e1ced9ec072718a56_1496818Youth Exchange Session Group Photo 

bd2bf6818389bf7e1ced9ec072718a56_1496818Industry 4.0 Session 

bd2bf6818389bf7e1ced9ec072718a56_1496818Industry 4.0 Session Group Photo 

bd2bf6818389bf7e1ced9ec072718a56_1496818JANG Eun-young, TCS Director of Economic Affairs, at Incheon Session 

bd2bf6818389bf7e1ced9ec072718a56_1496818TCS Promotion Booth