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SOCI | TCS organized Trilateral Common Vocabulary Dictionary Compilation Meeting - 2017.03.31

Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) organized Trilateral Common Vocabulary Dictionary Compilation Meeting on March 31, 2017 in Kyoto, Japan. Dictionary compilation committee members from the three countries attended the meeting to discuss various issues surrounding the compilation work of the dictionary.

Secretary-General YANG Houlan attended the meeting and delivered opening remarks and emphasized that promoting cultural exchanges can contribute to enhancement of political mutual trust and economic cooperation, especially laying out a solid foundation of public support. He expressed his expectation on meeting participants from the three countries to utilize their rich expertise to contribute to the compilation work of the dictionary. Deputy Secretary-General LEE Jong-heon also delivered the remarks by underlining the increasing trend of people-to-people exchange among the three countries in recent years. As the Chinese character is a common asset shared by the three countries, he emphasized that the role of TCS is to encourage general public of the three countries to acknowledge the similarities and differences of three countries’ culture through the compilation of the dictionary. 

At the meeting, based on the prior work done by each team members, all the participants had vigorous and in-depth discussion on the criteria and measures of selecting the common vocabularies to be incorporated in the dictionary as well as the contents of explanatory notes. 

The project of compiling Trilateral Common Vocabulary Dictionary is initiated by the TCS, and facilitated by the Trilateral Common Vocabulary Dictionary Compilation Committee consisted by the experts and professors from the three countries.