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TCS | TCS organized Open House 2017 – 2017.03.14

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) organized Open House 2017 on March 14th inviting general public, diplomatic corps, and journalists. On this annual event, TCS provided opportunities to enhance general understanding on the areas of trilateral cooperation facilitated by TCS, and also side events under the theme of “Tea cultures of the China, Japan and Korea”.

130 participants appreciated the tea ceremonies of the three countries and learned more about the role of TCS on the development of trilateral cooperation. In his opening remarks, Secretary-General Amb. YANG Houlan emphasized the future vision of TCS as a Stabilizer and Thruster of trilateral cooperation and promised continuous cooperation with partner institutions and diplomatic corps.

The highlights of the event includes the special lecture on the ‘East Asian Tea Culture’ by Professor PARK Dong-chun (Sungkyunkwan University), a prestigious scholar, and tea culture performance with tasting time provided by the tea masters affiliated to the Urasenke (JP), Yinya Tea Academy (CH), and East Asia Tea Culture Institute (KR).
46424e3bee48193c398858ac0939736d_1489540Special Lecture on “Tea Cultures of the China, Japan, and Korea” 
46424e3bee48193c398858ac0939736d_1489540Group Photo with Ambassadors 
46424e3bee48193c398858ac0939736d_1489540Professor PARK Dong-chun 
46424e3bee48193c398858ac0939736d_1489540Chinese Tea Ceremony 
46424e3bee48193c398858ac0939736d_1489540Japanese Tea Ceremony 
46424e3bee48193c398858ac0939736d_1489540Korean Tea Ceremony 
46424e3bee48193c398858ac0939736d_1489540Group Photo of Tea Masters