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314 TCS co-organized the 3rd Trilateral People-to-People Exchange Forum -2016.10.17-18
313 Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) - Korea Future Foundation (KFF) Co-Organized International Conference - 2016.10.12
312 SG Yang Houlan Attended the 2nd Locus Design Forum, ROK—2016.10.10
311 TCS participated in the “Incheon International Organizations & MICE Career Fair 2016” - 2016.09.30
310 TCS organized the Special Seminar on the Brexit Implication on Regional Integration in Seoul, ROK – 2016.09.28
309 Secretary-General YANG Houlan visited Qingdao International Economic Cooperation Zone - 2016.09.27
308 Secretary-General YANG Houlan’s Visit to Rizhao city – 2016.09.24
307 SG YANG Houlan Attended the 2nd China-Japan-Korea Industrial Expo-2016.09.23
306 Secretary-General YANG Houlan visited Shandong University of China – 2016.09.22
305 3rd Trilateral Director General Level Meeting on Forestry Cooperation held in Tokyo, Japan – 2016.09.07
304 TCS Annual Reception 2016 in Observance of the 5th Anniversary - 2016.09.01
303 2nd CJK Trilateral Cooperation Idea Competition Awardees visited TCS - 2016.08.30
302 13th Trilateral Children’s Story Exchange in Beijing-2016.08.21-23
301 TCS Participated in the 8th UN Global Compact China-Japan-Korea Roundtable Conference and the 2016 SDGs China Summit – 2016.08.21-22
300 TCS organized the 4th Working Group of Joint Project “Trilateral Cooperation for Improvement of Supply Chain Connectivity (SCC)” in TCS, Seoul – 2016.08.18-19